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Trojans excel in the classroom

Trinidad Campus / August 15, 2015 / by Mike Salbato

Success on the court or field is a vital part of any college athletic program, but it is important to remember that these athletes are students first.  At Trinidad State the athletic department takes the academic achievement of their student-athletes very seriously, so it is an anxious time once the grades are posted as the coaches wait to see the final results of all the extra hours of study.  Again this year the Trojan athletes proved they do not only succeed in their sport but in the classroom as well.

For the second year in a row 11 Trojan athletes were awarded by the NJCAA for their academic achievement.  The NJCAA awards students in three categories.  The Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence is given to those students who maintained a 4.00 GPA, the Superior Academic Achievement Award for those with a 3.80 to 3.99 GPA and the Exemplary Academic Achievement Award for those with a 3.60-3.79 GPA.  The awards are only available to student-athletes that have accumulated at least 45 semester credit hours.

Trinidad State had one NJCAA Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence Recipient.  Raven Paiz maintained her 4.0 average while competing this fall for the Lady Trojan Soccer program.  NJCAA Superior Academic Achievement Honorees include Braelah McGinnis (Women’s Soccer), Jackson Pritchard (Baseball), Mary Carpenter (Women’s Basketball), Rylee Abert (Volleyball), and Shelby Cornett (Softball).  Earning the Exemplary Academic Achievement Award were Colby Schrade (Baseball), Justin Frederick (Golf), Marcella Sanchez (Women’s Basketball), Morgan Ginger (Softball) and Samantha Miele (Softball).

The NJCAA also recognizes teams that shine in the classroom as a whole. To earn the award the team’s GPA needs to remain above a 3.0 for the year.  TSJC had three teams reach this milestone in 2014-2015 with the Women’s Basketball team leading the way with a team GPA of 3.2.  Also earning the award were the Lady Trojan Volleyball squad and the Trojan Baseball team.

Finally, Region IX also awards individuals who maintain at least a 3.25 over 30 credit hours of classwork.  Trinidad State had 33 All Region IX Academic Award Winners in 2014-2015.

Men’s Soccer –
•    Alq Fuierer
•    Joseph Leal
Women’s Soccer –
•    Braelah McGinnis
•    Courtney Lowry
•    Raven Paiz
Softball –
•    Corey Aragon
•    Shelby Cornett
•    Katelynn Findley
•    Morgan Ginger
•    Sami Miele
Volleyball –
•    Jennifer Morris
•    Riley Abert
•    Rachel Pirtle
•    Leia Zagone
Baseball –
•    Colby Schrade
•    Phillip Underwood
•    James Smith
•    Jackson Pritchard
•    Caden Pratt
•    Josh Payne
Golf –
•    Justin Carlock
•    Justin Frederick
•    Frazer Pomfret
Men’s Basketball –
•    Evan Motlong
•    James Thomas
•    Nathan McAnally
•    Preston Bungei
•    Elijah Valdez
Women’s Basketball –
•    Mary Carpenter
•    Kori Eurich
•    Claire Ioannidis
•    Zoe Ruff
•    Marcella Sanchez

This success could not have been accomplished without the amazing faculty and staff at Trinidad State who put in endless hours helping the student-athletes find success in the classroom.  It will be difficult to top this year’s totals but the Trojan coaching staff, along with the outstanding faculty and support staff, TSJC will work to take Trojan Athletics to even higher levels in both the classroom and on the field/court.

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