2016 Trinidad State News

Open house at Trinidad State features hands-on career options

Valley Campus / March 3, 2016 / Written by Margaret Sanderson

Career and Technical Education (CTE) questions will be answered at Trinidad State in Alamosa on Thursday, January 7 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. CTE programs provide technical job-specific skills for careers in hands-on programs like Agriculture Business, Aquaculture, Business Management, Cosmetology, Diesel Technology, Emergency Medical Systems (EMS), Holistic Health/Massage, Medical Assisting, Nursing, Welding and much more. Directors for most of these programs will be on hand along with admissions and financial aid experts, Mathilda Westerman and Rosalie Ortega, respectively. Labor Employment Specialists, Stephanie Goldbranson and Barbara Pacheco from the Work Force Center will share information about seeking and finding jobs. Career counselors with the Workforce Center, Renae Chavez and Ashley Maestas, will discuss the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) which may help students pay for tuition, fees, books and educational supplies. Eric O’Brien, Diesel Technology Director, will demonstrate an engine simulator, a trouble-shooting diagnostic tool.

Eric O’Brien, Diesel Technology Director, will demonstrate an engine simulator, a trouble-shooting diagnostic tool.

A display of the different stages of pregnancy will be provided by the Nursing Program along with a computerized manikin baby. Nursing instructor, Marty Dineen, will demo with an upper torso auscultation (sound) manikin where stethoscopes will be available for those interested in listening to heart, lung and bowel sounds. Dineen also manages the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Program at the college. Nursing instructor, Angie Medina, will be available to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the computerized life-sized manikins, which can be programmed to mimic many different life emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes and even childbirth.

In the EMS classroom, Instructor Jeff Torr built a model of a life-sized ambulance and stocked it with the equipment and supplies most ambulances carry. The EMS program also works with life-sized manikins to teach life-saving skills. The EMS tour will include information about airway and cardiac devices and life packs that can quickly record vital signs. Students are trained to be ready for the challenging work in the field of emergency care.

Aquaculture Director, Ben Webster, will give tours of the aquaculture classroom and lab where fish varieties are housed in aquariums and tanks. According to Webster, aquaculture is the fastest growing agriculture industry. Because agriculture and aquaculture studies overlap in some areas, Ben Webster (Aquaculture) and Jack Wiley (Agriculture) are combining some of their classes. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the best agricultural opportunities for growth are organic farming and biofuel development.

In addition to talking about their programs, specific helpful information will be shared. Business Management Director, Genia Rasmussen, will give tips for good resume writing and will talk about volunteering for Tax Help Colorado where families earning less than $50,000 can get their taxes figured for free.

Please come to the first floor of the new addition on the north side of the building at 1011 Main Street in Alamosa. Light refreshments will be served. Some of the Directors will be taking those interested back to their classrooms where they can more effectively demonstrate equipment. Tour the facility to learn more about Trinidad State and see the new addition which features two state-of-the-art science labs on the second floor. Ask about scholarship opportunities, particularly the one for first semester students (Try 3 on TSJC), one for last semester students (Finish Line), and the Learn Local Scholarship. Each of these scholarships reduces tuition costs by 20 percent and it is possible to get more than one. The Learn Local scholarship is open to any student who lives in the San Luis Valley who enrolls in at least 15 hours of classes. Add that to the 40 percent tuition savings compared to four-year colleges, and beginning an education or switching careers becomes much more affordable at Trinidad State. For complete scholarship details talk with Recruiter Mike Sisneros at the Open House or call him at (719) 589-7083.

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