Named Gifts

Endowed Funds and Scholarships

An endowment is the basis upon which the Foundation can build lasting financial strength to ensure academic excellence for the College and its students. Once in place, an endowment provides permanent support for student scholarships, teaching and learning, program development, student assistance, as well as technology and the arts. You are invited to work with the Foundation and the College to create an endowment gift that aligns with your special area(s) of interest.

Named Endowed Fund
A named endowed fund sends a strong message to our students and our communities that an individual, business or organization has partnered with the College in order to help shape the future of TSJC. Endowed funds can be directed to provide support to specific program areas. All facility naming opportunities must be approved in accordance with College and System policies.

You can create a named endowed fund by making a gift using the following assets:

Trinidad State photo Cash
Appreciated Securities
Real Estate
Others, as determined

We invite you to consider the wide variety of opportunities and to help the College address current needs and prepare for future challenges. The minimum amount to establish a named endowed fund is $25,000.

Named Endowed Scholarship
An endowed scholarship may be established in the name of the donor (or in another name specified by the donor) with a minimum gift of $25,000. Funding may occur with one or more gifts made during the donor’s lifetime and/or with a gift made from the donor’s estate.

An endowed scholarship can range in purposes, such as need based, academic merit, retention, diversity, college, academic department or athletics. Your scholarship helps ensure students can receive support for years to come, creating a lasting gift of education. Donors are encouraged to keep the criteria for awards as broad as possible to assure that the scholarship can be awarded each year. Currently, over 75 endowed scholarship funds honor and recognize donors.

Endowed scholarship assets will remain invested in perpetuity, with 4-5% of assets made available annually to provide scholarship support. The Foundation anticipates that scholarship assets will increase over time through prudent investment management.

General Scholarship Fund
The Foundation gratefully accepts gifts of all sizes to the General Scholarship Fund. In addition, with a gift of $500 or more, a scholarship award can be made in memory or honor of a loved one. Due to generous donor support, the Foundation provides over $200,000 in general scholarship support each year. With every gift to the General Scholarship Fund, our deserving students are provided the financial peace of mind to focus their efforts fully on their education.

For more information about any of these options, please contact Toni DeAngelis at 719-846-5520 or
All inquiries are held in strict confidence.  There will never be any expectation or obligation to complete a gift. 

Funding opportunities include:
Named Fund $25,000
Named Scholarship $25,000
Innovation Fund $100,000
Program Excellence Fund $500,000
Faculty Chair (1/2 position) $750,000
Faculty Chair (full position) $1,500,000

The Foundation's mission is to support the growth and development of Trinidad State Junior College.

For more information, please contact the Foundation.