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City of Alamosa Wins Competitive Grant to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Valley Campus / December 9, 2020 /  

Trinidad State photo The City of Alamosa received funding from the Charge Ahead Colorado grant program in the amount of $9,000. Through a partnership with Trinidad State Junior College, Geography and Anthropology Professor Bill Hatcher initially proposed the idea to the City of Alamosa after researching the opportunity with Charge Ahead Colorado. “This naturally informs what I teach, how I teach, and why I teach at Trinidad State. Giving people options for EV charging stations is one way we can move in a healthier direction,” said Hatcher. Trinchera Blanca Foundation made a generous contribution of $3,500 through the TSJC Educational Foundation to support the effort. “Creating broader access to electric charging stations in Alamosa is a near-term investment in the future of vehicles,” said Ann Colley, Executive Director and Vice President of The Moore Charitable Foundation and its local affiliates, The Trinchera and Tercio Foundations. “We are proud to support this important initiative.”

“The funds we receive through our Charge Ahead Colorado grant will help us install a dual output wall mounted charging station which will be placed in the City Hall parking lot located at 300 Hunt Avenue. As a Charge Ahead Colorado grant recipient, the charging station will help create more diverse transportation options and alleviate electric vehicle travel concerns,” says Harry Reynolds.

About the Charge Ahead Grant Program
In an effort to improve air quality and encourage deployment of electric vehicles across the State of Colorado, the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) and Colorado Energy Office (CEO) have teamed up to provide financial support for electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations. The program helps to improve air quality, encourage deployment of electric vehicles across the state of Colorado, and support implementation of the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan.

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