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Soil and Crop Science

Soil and Crop Science imageThe Soil and Crop Science Program at Trinidad State is meticulously designed to provide students with a foundational and comprehensive education in soil and crop sciences, enabling them to complete the lower-division (freshman and sophomore) coursework required for a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. This program culminates in an Associate of Science (AS) degree, incorporating Guaranteed Transfer Courses and adhering to the lower-division core curriculum recommendations set by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

The curriculum is crafted to ensure that students gain both basic and applied knowledge in the natural and physical sciences, with a specific focus on general crop and soil science. Through a blend of theoretical instruction and practical application, students develop a deep understanding of essential principles such as soil composition, crop production, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Trinidad State's Soil and Crop Science Program is structured to facilitate a seamless transition to upper-division coursework at four-year institutions. By aligning with state educational standards, the program guarantees that credits earned are fully transferable, thereby providing students with a clear and efficient pathway toward their academic and career goals in the field of soil and crop sciences.

Students benefit from a learning environment that emphasizes academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and personalized support. The program is committed to fostering critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and technical proficiency, which are crucial for success in the diverse and evolving field of agriculture.

The Soil and Crop Science Program at Trinidad State prepares students for a variety of career opportunities in agriculture, environmental consulting, research, and beyond. By providing a solid academic foundation and promoting the development of essential skills, the program equips students to tackle the challenges of upper-division coursework and to pursue rewarding careers in soil and crop science.

In essence, the Soil and Crop Science Program at Trinidad State offers a rigorous and well-rounded education, positioning students for academic and career success in the dynamic and essential field of agriculture. The program’s strategic design, coupled with its commitment to academic rigor and personalized support, makes it an exemplary starting point for aspiring soil and crop scientists, setting the stage for their future achievements and contributions to sustainable agricultural practices and environmental stewardship.

Lynette Bates

Vice President - Academic Affairs
Trinidad Campus
Berg 210
(719) 846-5559

Jack Wiley

Dean of Instruction
Valley Campus
VC 104C
(719) 589-7064