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Connecting Colorado

Connecting Colorado logo imageConnecting Colorado is our state's database for job seekers and clients of American Job Center programs. Registering allows you to search for jobs, upload a resume, participate in programs like the Governor's Summer Job Hunt, and help us keep track of the services we provide you. Please take a moment to register now. This page includes instructions for registering as well as using the website to search for jobs.

What You Will Need

To register on Connecting Colorado, you will need the following:

  1. Your social security number
  2. Your contact information including an email address. Please do not use a Yahoo address because Yahoo blocks our messages to you about job openings. If you don’t have an email address, please set one up on one of the free sites:, Gmail, etc.
  3. Your work history

Creating a New Connecting Colorado Profile

  1. Open the internet and go to
  2. Go to Job Seeker.
  3. If you are not registered, click Create a New Account.
  4. Be sure to write down the password you entered, you will need this to return to the website in the future to search for jobs or to update your account.
  5. Fill out each page completely according to all instructions provided.
  6. When you complete each page, click Go at the bottom of the page.
  7. Upload a resume. Click Browse. Locate your resume and double click. Uploading your resume makes you searchable to employers.
  8. If you upload a resume at this stage, the next section will autofill and you will only need to verify the information.
  9. Be sure to enter as much information as possible. However, the red * are mandatory fields. In order to get emails on events you must select a Workforce Notification Method.
  10. To increase your number of job matches, select up to 4 job titles.
  11. To add a job title, click the link on the top left. Select a new title from the list, enter years and months of experience, and mark relevant skills. (If you do not have experience in one of the fields you are seeking, 0 is acceptable.)
  12. After you complete the last page and read the Equal Opportunity statement, go to the bottom of the page and click I Understand to complete your registration.

Updating a Registration

  1. Open the internet and go to
  2. Go to Job Seeker; then click Returning Job Seeker.
  3. Enter your Social Security Number and the Password you created during registration and click Log In.
  4. If you cannot remember your password, a Workforce Center Staff can reset it for you in the Resource Room or over the phone, 720-523-6900.
  5. Thoroughly read each section of your profile, make corrections and add missing/additional information.

Uploading a Resume or Documents

  1. Click the resume tab.
  2. Click Browse. (It will take you to the storage on the computer or you can access your flash drive.)
  3. Select the location of the document.
  4. Then select the document. You will then see the document in the gray section.
  5. Name the document. Your resume must be given a title. It is recommended that the resume be titled based on the industry (sales) or job title (Registered Nurse) you are applying for.
  6. Click Attach. The document will appear at the top. Make sure it is checked viewable.
  7. Now click Attach.
  8. Repeat steps 1-6 to add additional documents.
  9. Then click Account Information Page to search for jobs or update your account.
  10. To complete your profile, check that each section is fully filled out. To receive emails of related jobs, make sure the Notifications are enabled.

Search for Jobs

  1. From the home page there is a Job Match completed for you that matches your registration information and skills with the jobs posted on the website. These are posted jobs in the areas you identified previously.
  2. You can also click on Job Search and then select the type of search you want to do.
  • Customized Search – allows you to search by your own criteria, such as what type of job, where the job is located, full time/part time, minimum salary, etc. When using this method, search only by your top 2 or 3 most important job criteria, leaving the rest of the choices blank. Completing too much of this screen can narrow down the list of jobs matching all of the specifications so much that little or no jobs appear after the search.
  • If this is criteria you will be using often select Save search for future use.
  • Job Number Search – allows you to search by the job order number. When using this method, do not type CO before the job number.
Viewing Employer Information
  1. To view contact information for any job or to apply, select How to Apply from the blue bar.
  2. Any required skills for the job that you do not have listed in your registration will appear in red text.
  3. Click Next or Back to List to continue your search.
Finding Job Numbers from Calls/Emails
  1. From the top of your home page, select calls/emails.
  2. The job number (or numbers) will appear with the date of the phone call or email.
  3. Select the job number you would like to view. The job number will automatically appear in the job number search field after it is clicked.
  4. Click Go. The job information will appear on the next screen.